Finland’s most comprehensive pharmaceutical recruitment service. From researchers, to researchers.

RecQ delivers the industry’s best researchers and consultants for various sectors of the pharmaceutical industry.


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Wide network pool in Finland


We provide Finland’s most comprehensive candidate network and handpick only the most suitable candidates for our clients. Our network consists of more than 300 pharmaceutical professionals and also includes highly qualified candidates that are outside of the traditional social media-reach.

Support for the Client and the Candidate


We know each of our candidates personally and work closely with our clients throughout the project’s life-cycle to ensure that our professionals receive specialized training to perform even the most complex tasks. We understand the complexity of clinical trials. This is how we ensure that our candidates are tailored to take on the unique challenges that you are faced with.

Finnish know-how


The high standard of Finnish education and professionalism is reflected in all aspects of our work. Local knowledge and a personal connection to all of our candidates guarantees that we are able to provide you with the best possible solution for your project.

Fast and secure recruitment process


We have streamlined the recruitment process for all parties involved. Tell us about your project and your needs, and you will be provided with a list of handpicked candidates by us. Once you have selected your candidates, we will arrange everything on your behalf, from setting up the meetings all the way up to the delivery of the final paperwork.

How does RecQ work?

We will review the proposed project with you and all its requirements.

We handpick relevant and suitable professionals that are qualified by academic and professional history to match  yours and the project’s needs.

You will be provided with a list of handpicked candidates for your review.

We will arrange the interviews between you and the selected candidates, ensuring that all parties stay informed and aligned.

Once the candidate has been accepted, we will finalize all of the contracts and paperwork on your behalf.

Our RecQ team provides support to you and your selected candidate throughout the life-cycle of your clinical trial – as an attentive business partner would.


Finnish professionals within our network


Top pharmaceutical / CRO organizations working together with us


Clinical trials conducted in partnership with RecQ

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